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[edit] World Wrestling Federation (1996–1997)

Roberts returned to WWF at the Royal Rumble in 1996, as a Bible-preaching face.[11] To go along with his new gimmick, his new Albino Burmese Python was named "Revelations." His gimmick also mirrored his real life, as Roberts had recently become a born-again Christian and had been preaching around the country.[11]

Roberts signaling at Hunter Hearst Helmsley in 1996

During his second tenure with the company, Roberts was pushed as a "Cinderella story" and faced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in the final match of the King of the Ring tournament. Due to injuries received at the hands of Vader in their semi-final match that night, Austin easily defeated him and mocked his recital of the biblical passage John 3:16 by saying "You sit there, and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere... Talk about your Psalms, talk about your John 3:16 ... Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!".[11] The catchphrase would help propel Austin to the top of the WWF and pro wrestling throughout "The Attitude Era" of the late 1990s to early 2000s. Roberts next feuded with Jerry "The King" Lawler, who went to great lengths to ridicule Roberts' past bouts against alcoholism. At one point, Lawler spat real whiskey at Roberts.[citation needed]

In November 1996, Roberts, Vader, and Brother Love appeared on the ABC sitcom Boy Meets World for one episode. In early 1997, the WWF wanted Roberts to wind down his in-ring career and to join the backstage side of the company. Since he still loved to wrestle, he did not make this transition well. This led to a relapse with drugs and alcohol. He was fired in February 1997. According to the Pick Your Poison DVD, after his firing, his long-time wife Cheryl filed for divorce.

[edit] Extreme Championship Wrestling (1997)

During the summer of 1997, Jake debuted in ECW. His introduction came towards the end of a match between Lawler and Tommy Dreamer, which was the main event of the show. As the match went on, the arena lights were turned off. Moments later when the lights came back on, Roberts was already in the ring, and had given his signature DDT on Dreamer. He then went to the camera man and screamed; "Your God... he giveth, and he can taketh away. My God, he giveth... but he aint got the balls to do nothin' else." He promptly clotheslined Lawler, dragging him over Dreamer for the victory in Lawler's favor before exiting the ring.

[edit] Beyond the Mat and Heroes of Wrestling

In 1999, Roberts was unflatteringly featured in the wrestling documentary Beyond the Mat. Throughout the film he made numerous confessions about his tragic past, including the murder of his sister and the collapse of his marriage. Amongst the more disturbing moments was Roberts reportedly smoking crack in a hotel room after a reunion with his daughter Brandy, though the act is not shown on camera. In 2005, Roberts, along with others, heavily criticized the film for showing him in a negative light, complaining that the depiction of him was "not the real Jake Roberts." Roberts also claimed that director Barry Blaustein and Terry Funk lied to him about the aims of the film, telling him it was a television special on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

[edit] Great Britain; All Star/WAW/Hammerlock/WWE (2001–2005)

In 2001, Roberts moved to Great Britain, where he began competing for Brian Dixon's All Star Wrestling. In December, he made his debut for Ricky Knight's World Association of Wrestling in Lowestoft. On October 20, 2002, Roberts became the NWA UK Hammerlock Heavyweight Champion in Maidstone, Kent, England by defeating "Vigilante" Johnny Moss. Moss regained the title the next night in Ashford, Kent, though. In November 2002, Roberts started his own wrestling promotion in the UK, called "Real Stars of Wrestling".

Roberts made his final British appearance at WAW's October Outrage show in Canvey Island, Essex, once again teaming with Steve Quintain against the UK Pitbulls. However, Roberts turned up at the show "in no fit state to compete", but went ahead with his match. Roberts cut a drunken promo paying tribute to Ray Traylor, who had died a few days before, and almost got into a scuffle with several WAW wrestlers who were sent out to defuse the situation. This involved challenging Zak Zodiac, son of Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, and who was only 13 at the time, to a fight.

Roberts made a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) appearance on March 14, 2005 on Raw, where he confronted Randy Orton, who was preparing to challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania 21. Roberts warned Orton that facing The Undertaker, particularly at WrestleMania, could be a soul-altering experience; he then fell victim to Orton's "RKO," helping to fuel Orton's "Legend Killer" gimmick. He worked with the company to create a DVD retrospective of his career (the aforementioned Pick Your Poison DVD), which was released later that year.

[edit] Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2006–2008)

Roberts made an appearance on the October 19, 2006 edition of TNA Impact!. He announced he would referee the Monster's Ball match between Brother Runt, Abyss, Raven, and Samoa Joe at Bound for Glory. Roberts proceeded to cut a rambling, incoherent promo that was barely audible to the live audience. At least once, he ended up on his back during the promo and had trouble getting up. The promo lasted a couple of minutes live but was so incoherent that it was edited down to about 15 seconds on the broadcast of Impact! He had a snake in a bag, which he placed on Brother Runt after Runt came out and confronted Roberts. At one point, he even stuffed the snake's head down the front of Runt's pants. The confrontation was only partially aired on Impact!. At Bound for Glory, he performed his signature DDT on Raven, giving Samoa Joe the win in the match. Roberts did his signature after match ritual by putting a snake (which resembled "Revelations") on Raven.

Roberts made a one-night return to TNA in 2008 as a guest of "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal and SoCal Val's storyline wedding at Slammiversary.

[edit] PWA; J.T. Lightning Incident; Jim Rose Circus; and retirement (2008–2011)

Roberts made an appearance at Booker T's Houston-based Pro Wrestling Alliance (PWA) promotion, in which he cut a promo urging those who want to enter the wrestling business to not follow along his path. At one point he stated that he loved the wrestling business more than anything else in the world. PWA wrestler "Rockstar" Robbie Gillmore then interrupted Jake and attempted to make an alliance based upon the fact that Robbie wears an 80s style shirt featuring a cobra. Jake had just stated that all he ever wanted was a little respect, and the Rockstar's interruption irritated him. Jake then attacked Gillmore.

In September 2008, Roberts wrestled J.T. Lightning at an event in Cleveland, Ohio. After being announced, Roberts came out and seemed intoxicated as he slurred his words and was incoherent while talking into a microphone. After he finished speaking, he began slowly climbing into the ring and appeared to have trouble getting through the ropes. Lightning began attacking him with punches to the face and midsection as he was still getting into the ring. As the match progressed, Roberts did not look like he was in any shape to wrestle. Lightning tried to throw him from one corner into another but Roberts held onto the ropes. Lightning hit Roberts with a barrage of punches but Roberts barely even moved. Soon after, Lighting put Roberts in another corner and hit him a few more times. Lightning then pulled Roberts out of the corner by his head and looked like he was going to attempt a move but Roberts just fell at Lightning's feet. Lightning stood over Roberts briefly as if he did not know what to do. Lightning tried pinning Roberts twice but Roberts kicked out both times. Lightning then held Roberts's shoulders down and the referee counted one-two-three. The visibly upset crowd began to boo. After being declared the winner, a very angry Lightning grabbed the microphone and yelled at the technical crew to turn off his music. He then screamed at Roberts: "Listen! I've been in this business 16 years. I've wrestled [unintelligble] like Tommy Rich, Jimmy Snuka. You are a piece of shit, Jake! You jipped these fucking people! Fuck you!" Lightning then left the ring area. Another man who appeared to be affiliated with Lightning jumped into the ring and he and Roberts began fighting. Eventually, Roberts stopped participating in the "fight" and just grapped the ropes while the other man hit him in the midsection until he became frustrated and got out of the ring. Roberts went out onto the street and the other man yelled at him how he grew up watching him but had carried his ass there just like he had at a match they had in Detroit, Michigan when he said Roberts smelled like piss and booze. Both men needed to be restrained. Roberts later wrote on his MySpace page that he was given a cold drink at the venue and remembered nothing after that until he woke up the next morning in his motel room, "alone, beaten, injured." Roberts contended the drink he consumed was spiked with something. Amateur video of the incident later went viral.

In May 2009, Roberts joined the Jim Rose Circus for the Jim Rose Circus vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts: The Legends Collide Tour. Advertised as "a grueling 40 city campaign" containing pretty girls, wrestling, amazing circus stunts, and a fist fight, the tour features Jim Rose and wrestler Sinn Bouldi - Sinn Bowdee as "Team Jake".

On January 29, 2011, Roberts wrestled what was billed as his retirement match, when he defeated Sinn Bowdee at the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) show during the WrestleReunion 5 weekend.[4]

[edit] Gimmick

Jake Roberts claims to have invented the DDT in a match where he had his opponent, The Grappler, in a front facelock, but when Jake tripped over Denton's foot he fell backwards and[12][13] Roberts' opponent landed on his head. From that match, Roberts claimed the move as his finisher, calling it the DDT, though instead of falling back, he stepped back before falling (which, as he explained on his DVD Pick Your Poison, was the quickest way to drive his opponent's head into the mat and also gave the move a "snap" effect). When asked what the initials DDT stood for, he famously replied "The End." In the 2005 DVD documentary, World Wrestling Entertainment employee Bruce Prichard said Roberts named the move after the pesticide of the same name. Roberts has also said often that "DDT" stands for "Drop Dead Twice". Roberts has further been said to claim it stands for "Don't Do it Twice."[citation needed] Many Jake Roberts critics are quick to point out that he never tells a story the same way twice and that if asked the same question in two separate interviews, Jake Roberts is known for giving two completely different versions of the "honest to God truth".

Roberts derived his nickname for being known as "snake like" and untrustworthy. Roberts also said on the Pick Your Poison DVD that he got his nickname by copying Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken "The Snake" Stabler (of whom Roberts was a huge fan).[14] To accentuate this, he would often slide ("slither") into and out of the ring on his belly under the bottom rope. Once he reached the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in March 1986, Roberts would bring a huge, live Burmese Python (though various snakes were used over the years, most were named "Damien") to ringside in a canvas bag. Other snakes used were a Reticulated Python named Lucifer, who was called Damiens' older brother after Earthquake sat on the bag that (kayfabe) contained Damien, an unnamed de-venomized Cobra that bit Macho Man Randy Savage, and an albino Burmese Python named Revelations (during Jake's Christian conversion gimmick in 1996). After executing a DDT, Roberts would coil the constrictor around the opponent's neck, and the snake would slither around on top of the fallen wrestler, sometimes appearing to strangle him. Besides the fact that numerous fellow wrestlers and commentators were legitimately afraid of snakes, it was a masterful show as the wrestler lay twitching and sometimes foaming at the mouth with the monstrous snake appearing to squeeze the life out of him. This display of theatricality was big with professional wrestling fans.

[edit] Personal life

Roberts is the son of wrestler Grizzly Smith, with whom he had a strained relationship.[15] He has a half-brother, Michael and a half-sister, Robin, both of whom also became wrestlers (Sam Houston and Rockin' Robin).[citation needed] Roberts has a daughter named Brandy Grace (born July 29, 1975)[16][unreliable source?] with his first wife Karen S. Rauschuber, whom he married on February 27, 1975.[17] Brandy appeared in the wrestling documentary, Beyond the Mat. Roberts also had twin sons from his first marriage, named Dustin and Derek (born 1980).[18][19][unreliable source?] On August 2, 1984 Roberts married his second wife, Cheryl Hagood. The couple had 4 children, including a daughter named Codi Dawn (born 1985)[20][unreliable source?] before divorcing in 2000.[21][unreliable source?]

In 2004, Roberts faced a charge of "causing unnecessary suffering" after his snake, Damien, was allowed to starve to death in the garage of his London Colney home.[22]

In 2007, WWE started a policy that they would pay all expenses for any former WWWF/WWF/WWE performer who needed to enter into any form of drug rehabilitation. According to various wrestling news reports, as well as his own MySpace page, Roberts was placed in a 14-week voluntary rehab program by WWE as of December 10, 2007.[23][24] In May 2008, Jim Ross reported that, "Jake Roberts has been doing well the past few weeks, after completing a treatment program."[25] Roberts' official MySpace page reported that he was back to working indy shows. Roberts is an unlockable character in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, alongside several other legends, such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Jimmy Snuka, and Terry Funk.


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